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We are so glad you are visiting Christ Redeemer Presbyterian Church and cannot wait to meet you!

Teaching Style

We focus on exposition of the Scriptures in our teaching from the pulpit. This means that our pastor works through Scripture, viewing it as the inspired Word of God. He explains the original authors’ context and intent and applies those Biblical truths to our lives today.

Worship Style

Our morning worship service is traditional. Services consist of congregational hymns, choral anthems, Scripture readings, responsive readings, prayers, and preaching of the Word. Our weekly bulletin will help you to follow and understand our order of worship.


Bulletins & Giving 

To help you prepare for worshiping with us, you can browse our weekly bulletins to get a feel for our order of worship each Sunday. You’ll notice that a regular part of our worship is the offering. Ushers pass an offering plate down each aisle during the service, but visitors should not feel pressured in any way to give.

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