Visiting Christ Redeemer

When you visit any Christ Redeemer event or gathering there are certain things we hope to communicate to you.

  • An environment of grace where you can come as you are, without pretending and are shown the life changing love of Christ in word and deed.

  • Teaching and worship rooted in the historical truths of the Bible.   

  • A welcoming community of redeemed people devoted to one another and Jesus Christ.

  • An emphasis on serving others in Jonesboro, the surrounding community, and the world regardless of who they are and what they look like.

Connecting at Christ Redeemer

Becoming a part of a new community usually takes some effort and isn’t always easy.   Knowing how important community is, we are committed to working hard to help you connect with God and others at Christ Redeemer. While our worship gatherings are a great start, we would encourage you to try and make one of our Missional Communities a priority. They are designed to help foster healthy, wholistic community for all those who join. Visit our Mission Communities page to find out more.

Joining Christ Redeemer

We refer to our members as Covenant Family because joining a local church is not like signing up for a club; it is a deep commitment to love, appreciate differences, bear with one other, for better or worse. Much like a family. Becoming part of a Covenant Family is an expression of obedience to God’s ordained plan for the nature of authority in his Church. Without this structure, leaders cannot lead as Scripture requires, and members cannot submit as God desires. Membership is essential to the biblical functioning of the Body of Christ. 

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