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Visiting Christ Redeemer PCA

Whenever you visit any Christ Redeemer PCA gathering, there are certain things we hope you will experience.

  • Teaching and worship rooted in the authoritative Word of God found in the Holy Bible.

  • A saving knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ, our Father in heaven, and the Holy Spirit.

  • A sanctuary offering grace and mercy, where you can know and embrace freely the atoning work and the life-changing love of Jesus Christ in your own heart, regardless of your fears or background.

  • A family of broken but redeemed people, devoted to one another because of Christ.

  • Inspiration and companionship for serving in the cause of Christ in the world: first in your own family, then here in our town, and eventually wherever God leads you.

Connecting at Christ Redeemer PCA

Meeting new people usually takes some selfless effort, but God can use it to bring needed refreshment to our lives.

Knowing how important community is, we at Christ Redeemer are committed to bringing all people in our midst into a greater knowledge and understanding of God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit.

At our worship services, you will meet the family of Christ Redeemer PCA.

Please join us any Sunday for worship service. 

Come as you are. Seek Christ while He may be found!

Joining Christ Redeemer PCA

We refer to our church members as a covenant family because avowed membership

in a Christian church is a promise to remain committed first to God in Christ,

then committed:

to sharing joys and sorrows with one another, both in word and deed;

to suffering patiently and prayerfully with one other; and

to exhorting one another to being transformed more and more into the likeness of our Savior Jesus Christ. 

Becoming a part of a committed Christian covenant family is an expression of sincere gratitude for God’s design for the nature of authority in His church, the latter of which is Scripturally referred to as The Body of Christ.

Without intentional and proper authority in the church – both leaders and members would suffer needless hindrances as we attempt to serve one another rightly and humbly, as Scripture so requires. 

Therefore, church membership is essential to the Biblical functioning of the Body of Christ, in order to enjoy all of the responsibilities as well as the abundant privileges therein.

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