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Our Presuppositions and Declaratives

Our basic tenants as a church are: 

1. We are all fallen and in desperate need of the Gospel of Jesus. 

This is our only hope for eternal salvation and the only power we have for taking up our cross daily to follow after Christ. 

2. The Church (universal) is imperfect and preserved by God's grace. 

We will work to create a church culture that is an environment of grace, acknowledging our fallenness but embracing the hope we have in Christ of being renewed day by day. A place where we receive the grace of God for ourselves and give the grace of God to others. 

3. Our membership commitments to each other are vows, not rights. 

The vision, mission, pursuits, and promises we make to each other in membership are not “rights” one should expect, but rather vows that all members make and continue in.


About Us
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