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Discussion Guide — Exodus 20:12

Each week, these sermon discussion guides are made available to help you engage the sermon text more fully. For those in a small group, this is what your group will use as its jumping-off point. You are also encouraged to use this in the context of your own home, whether personally or as a family, as you seek to apply the message to your life.

Sermon Summary: Exodus 20:12

Main Ideas

I. Understanding Authority

II. Showing Honor

III. Enjoying Blessing

Application Points

I. Honor is about a posture of the heart and not always about outward obedience.

II. Honoring earthly authorities is part of our worship of God.

III. Worship and ethics are inseparable.

IV. Before we ever expect to receive honor from those under our authority, we must first reflect on the nature and the character of our authority.


"God gave human beings power so that they might reflect his character in the world … together." Dr. Diane Langberg

"The One who commands you, the One who possesses all authority, came as a servant. He is a ruler who serves; he is also a servant who rules. He exercises sovereign authority that is kind - authority exercised on behalf of his subjects. In John 13, Jesus, who knew that the Father had put all things under his authority, put on a towel and washed the disciples' feet. As his people submit to his authority, they are empowered to live freely in the freedom of the gospel." Ted Tripp

Questions for Personal Response

  1. What is the difference between obedience and honor? Why do you think honor is used here?

  2. What authorities are we mistrusting and why do we mistrust them? How do we overcome this mistrust?

  3. What are ways we withhold honor from those in authority over us?

  4. How do we show honor to parents (or authorities) who believe differently than us?

  5. What are the dangers we face when we become self-sufficient or seek isolation? How does community help insulate us from these dangers?

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